Our Purpose

The Center for Experimental Social Science (C.E.S.S.) is an inter-disciplinary research Center at New York University engaged in laboratory experimental work in the social sciences that combines high quality economic theory, social psychology and political science.

The over arching research tool used in the Center is laboratory experiments in which paid human subjects engage in decision-making tasks whose purpose is to test both economic theory and/or the properties of proposed or existing economic, political, or social institutions.

Our Events

During the school year at New York University, C.E.S.S. sponsors weekly seminar meetings lectured by scholars from various institutions.  The most current seminar schedule can be found here.

C.E.S.S. and the Politics department also co-sponsor an annual conference. Please mark your calendars for the Fifth Annual NYU-CESS Experimental Political Science Conference, which will take place on March 2-3, 2012.   For more information on this conference as well as past conferences, please look here.

Our People

Professor Schotter is currently the Director of the Center for Experimental Social Science.  NYU Faculty members who have also contributed to C.E.S.S. research and who are instrumental to its success follows:

Andrew Caplin (Economics)

Eric Dickson (Politics)

Guillaume R. Frechette (Economics)

Paul Glimcher (Center for Neural Science)

Dimitri Landa (Politics)

Rebecca Morton (Politics)

Tyler Tyler (Psychology)