Over the past several years, I have engaged in a variety of research projects. Below is a partial list of published and unpublished work:

New Work

Political Economy

How Trump triumphed: Multi-Party Primaries with Buffoons


PlannedVsActual Attention (October 2020)  Brand New



“The_Common_Probability_Auction_Puzzle” with Kathleen Ngangoue (Under Revisions at the A.E.R.)

“Social Learning and The Winner’s Curse”(with Andrew McClellan)

 Communication in Psychological Games

“Trust Me: Communication and Competition in Psychological Games”, with Marina Agranov, Utteeyo Dasgupta (NEW)

Response Time

“Is response time predictive of choice? An experimental study of threshold strategies” (with Isabel Trevino) (Final revision for Experimental Economics

Emotions and Decisions

“Mood and Economic Decision Making: Experimental Evidence From a Sports Bar” (with Judd B. Kessler, Andrew McClellan, and James Nesbit (Under Revision)

 Recent work


 On Blame and Reciprocity: An Experimental Study (with Boganchan Celen and Mariana Blanco) blame_ Journal of Economic Theory)


Matching and Chatting: An Experimental Study of the Impact of Network Communication on School- Matching Mechanisms (with Tingting Ding) (Games and Economic Behavior)

Matching and Chatting: An Experimental Study of the Impact of Network Communication on School- Matching Mechanisms (with Tingting Ding) 

“Learning and Mechanism Design: An Experimental Test of School Matching Mechanisms With Intergenerational Advice” (with Tingting Ding)

Dynamic Games and Institutions

Complementary Institutions and Economic Development: An Experimental Study (with Andrew Kloosterman ) (Forthcoming Games and Economic Behavior)

 Previous Work

Belief Elicitation

Belief Elicitation in the Lab with Isabel Trevino

Personality and Choice

Personality and Choice in Risky and Ambiguous Environments: An Experimental Study (with Guillaume R. Fréchette, and Isabel Treviño) March 2014 (Under Revision for Economic Inquiry)



1) On Blame and Reciprocity: An Experimental Study (with Bogachan Celen and Mariana Blanco) See revision above

2) Intrinsic and Instrumental Reciprocity: An Experimental Study (with Luis Cabral and Erkut Ozbay)  (Games and Economic Behavior 2014)

Public Goods

Network Architecture and Mutual Monitoring in Public Goods Experiments  (with Jeffrey Carpenter, Middlebury and Shachar Kariv, Berkeley),  Journal of Economic Design, Fall 2012

Level-k Theory

Beliefs and Endogenous Cognitive Levels: An Experimental Study (with Marina Agronov, Caltech, CESS, and Elizabeth Potamites, Mathematica, and Chloe Tergiman, UBC, CESS), Games and Economic Behavior 2012


Workaholics and Drop Outs in Organizations (with Wieland Mueller, Tilburg), Journal of the European Economic Association 8(4), June 2010


Real Time Search in the Laboratory and the Market (with Christopher Flinn, NYU and Meta Brown, NY Fed), American Economic Review, 2011

Decision Making

Paying for Confidence: An Experimental Study of the Demand for Non-Instrumental Information” (with Kfir Eliaz, Brown), Games and Economic Behavior, 2010

Present-Bias, Quasi-Hyperbolic Discounting, and Fixed Cost (with Jess Benhabib, NYU and Albero Bisin, NYU, CESS), Games and Economic Behavior,  2010

Imitation and Luck: An Experimental Study on Social Sampling (with Theo Offerman, Amsterdam), Games and Economic Behavior,2008


Understanding Overbidding: Using the Neural Circuitry of reward to Design Economic Auctions (with Mauricio R. Delgado, Rutgers and Erkut Y. Ozbay, Maryland and Elizabeth A. Phelps, NYU), Science, 2008

Creating Competition Out of Thin Air: An Experimental Study of Right-to-Choose Auctions (with Kfir Eliaz (NYU) and Theo Offerman, Amsterdam), Games and Economic Behavior, 2008

Bank Runs

On The Severity of Bank Runs (with Tanju Yorulmazer, NY Fed), Journal of Financial Intermediation, 2009

Advice and Social learning

An Experimental Test of Advice and Social Learning (with Boğaçhan Çelen, Columbia and Shachar Kariv, Berkeley), Management Science, September 2010

Talking Ourselves to Efficiency: Coordination in Inter-Generational Minimum Effort Games with Private, Almost Common and Common knowledge of Advice (with Ananish Chaudhuri, Auckland and Barry Sopher, Rutgers), The Economic Journal, January 2009


What’s So Informative About Choice? (with Andrew Caplin, NYU, CESS), The Foundations of Positive and Normative Economics, 2009

On The Relationship of Economic Theory and Experiments, August 2009


Convergence: An Experimental Study (with Kyle Hyndman, Southern Methodist and Erkut Y. Ozbay, Maryland), forthcoming, Journal of the European Economic Association, January 2010

Belief Formation: An Experiment With Outside Observers (with Kyle Hyndman, Southern Methodist and  Erkut Y. Ozbay, Maryland and Wold Ehrblatt, Symphony IRI Group), December 2010


Other People’s Money: An Experimental Study of the Impact of the Competition for Funds (with Marina Agranov, Caltech, CESS and Alberto Bisin, NYU, CESS), November 2010. Under Revision


Language and Government Coordination: An Experimental Study of Communication in the Announcement Game (with Marina Agranov) R&R in Journal of Public Economics

Ignorance Is Bliss: An Experimental Study of the Use of Ambiguity and Vagueness in the Coordination Games with Asymmetric Payoffs† (with Marina Agranov)  American Economic Journal: Microeconomics 2012, 4(2): 1–30